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Production Unit:
With its production facility, Conic is the leading low cost high quality solution for Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). With a high capacity of producing Televisions, and LCD Televisions per annum, Conic boasts immense capacity to feed its OEM customers through their high and low demands.

Production Unit

TQM, R&D & Production at Unit:
We continuously explore new ways to improve our products and offer innovative products to the consumers. We boast of independent assembly and R&D sections in addition to inspection and testing instruments for quality assurance. The Use of highly efficient tools, instruments and testing equipments such as Phillips Pattern Generator, Tore Meters, Breakdown testers and colorvaars etc. gives the right mix for production and testing. Production lines are fitted with high quality automatic conveyer belts with soaking of 30minutes per unit that gives us right mix of speed and quality.
The most promising feature of Conic through the years has been the dedication of our skilled and target driven workforce and their efforts towards attaining perfection in delivering the best to our customers. With the excellence of our products and our learned managers, the company is experiencing a continuous growth by around 20% per year.

Conic is a member of QCE and is certified with ISO 9001: 2000 total quality system. Products are NSSIC approved, with an awaited approval of ISO-14001. We are approved & certified for TQP by large multinational electronics brands.
All our facilities are audited and approved by our Multinational Customers, as per their global standards. This ensures that customers are able to optimize their operations by lowering their costs, provide reliable and safe products to their customers and reducing their time to market.

TQM, R&D & Production at Unit
Conic has immense technological and product support from China and H.K. which provides a better knowledge about the innovative ideas in the market. Conic obtains the advantage of having strong support from its sister concern companies and is able to cater its own needs of raw materials supplies at any point of time. The following are our concerned companies.

Conic has its own mould investments due to which it is capable to provide companies their exclusive Television and LCD cabinet moulds. Also with immense support from china, Conic has its own R&D team looking into the chasis that provides the companies with in-depth knowledge on their own programmed chassis. Most of our clients have not only approved our chasis quality but have also put them in their own Televisions that we manufacture.
Why Conic?
With its continuous commitment to both small and big clients, Conic has seen small customers go big and big customers go bigger. With an experience of manufacturing in almost all major parts of CTV, the company has grown tremendously due to its knowledge of creating something different and new in the product. Conic has been the very first to bring to the market Rotatory Television, Television with FM, Television with USB, Television with Piano Finish, and Ultraslim Television in Pin-Cushion free CPT. With the best relations with CPT Suppliers, Conic has attained the best quality and supply of CPTs at all times of the year.
Excise-Free Unit in Parwanoo
Having its own Unit in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, We are able to cater to our customers with better prices due to the excise free benefits. Larger multinational customers are making full use of this benefit as of now. The Unit in Parwanoo is also equipped with all the necessary testing equipments needed and therefore is currently catering very high quality products.