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Conic-9KG VMN 9001

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Single Tub Washer
Complementing your decor with its sleek design and attractive looks, the Conic SINGLE TUB WASHER 7.0 is an aesthetically designed semi-automatic single tub washer that facilitates super quiet and efficient washing all in a jiffy.

Power ConsumptionWith super strong motor, the washer ensures powerful water flow action and faster cleaning of your clothes. The Conic Washing machine is an energy efficient machine, which is not just easy on the power consumption but easy on your pockets too.

Safety Feature
Equipped with advanced safety feature, it assures you safe and sound wash every time, maintaining accurate water levels that prevent possible water overflows even when it is loaded to its full capacity.

Wash Capacity The semi-automatic washer, comes with a top load feature. The large capacity lets you wash all your clothes at one go, without wasting time and energy. It’s not only compact but also lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver around.

Water Saving Technology
Allowing you to wash all your clothes while consuming minimum water, the single tub washer comes with advanced water saving technology that assures fresh-smelling and thoroughly cleaned clothes every time, while using the least amount of water possible.

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