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Conic-6.8KG CMN 6801

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Designed in the striking Burgundy color, the Twin Tub lid is designed to open and close smoothly and silently, so there are no unexpected bangs! And it’s also extremely durable and resistant to scratches and damage, so it will last a long time.

Lint Filter
The Conic TWIN TUB ECO WASH is an elegant yet robustly built semi-automatic washing machine that comes with a host of convenient features, allowing you to wash loads of clothes in an effortless manner, while giving you sparkly clean clothes with each wash.

With its fast-dry functionality, The TWIN TUB ECO WASH 6.8 will make sure that your clothes are ready to be worn when you are. Adding to its superior washing is the Lint filter that collects hairs, fibers and other dirt particles and prevents it from settling back on your clothes giving you the cleanest wash consistently.

Super Quite Plus Super Savings
Wash all your clothes in peace with the TWIN TUB ECO WASH 6.8 which makes the minimum amount of sound during wash giving you a complete peace of mind, while its rigorously engineered motor mechanism provides maximum energy savings making it one of the best cost efficient washing machines in the market.

Thermal Protection
To add to your convenience further is the Soak Functionality with Timer that can be integrated in the wash cycle making sure your rigid stains and other dirt in your clothes is cleaned thoroughly. While it’s thermal protection functionality ensures maximum protection to the fan motor giving it a long lasting overall lifetime.

Wash & Spin Capacity
Wash small, medium or large batches of clothes at once, The Conic TWIN TUB ECO WASH 6.8 come with a huge 6.8 Kg of wash capacity and 5 Kg of spin cycle capacity which enables you to wash all week’s laundry at once without a hitch, while its 2+1 wash program functionality facilitates better usage simultaneously.

Number of water inlet 2
Number of Knob 3
Knob Design type ( Deco insert / Normal ) Normal
Layers of body Plastic
Position of water inlet Left & Right
Position water inlet select Left & Right
Control Panel Design type ( Deco insert / Normal ) Normal
Wash lid design type ( Deco insert / Normal ) Normal
Spin lid design type ( Deco insert / Normal ) Normal
Filter TYpe ( Net / Magic ) Net
Waterfall ( Qty ) 2
Caster Wheel Available
Pulsator Type Normal
Quantity of waterfall 2
Filter material ( Net / Magic ) Net
Easy of use  
water level selection Low 43 L,Medium 53 L,High 63 L
Transparent Lid Yes
Net Dimensions 760X430X907
Packing Dimensions 815X455X955
Dimensions in mm  
Spin Tub Total height 510
Wash Tub Dimension ( A,B ) 388X405
Wash Tub Dimension ( C,DW ) 338X535
Wash Tub Dimension ( DS,E ) 564X353
Power Cord length 2 meter
V Belt length 678
Net weight ( Kg ) 19
Gross weight ( Kg ) 23
Input Power ( Watts ) ( Wash / Spin ) 120 / 60
Motor output Power ( Watts ) ( Wash / Spin ) 360 / 190
Motor Winding ( Al / Cu ) ( Wash / Spin ) Al.
Wash Timer ( Timing ) 35
Spin Timer ( Timing ) 5
Capacitor 10 / 5 Mfd
Buzzer Yes
Wash Motor RPM >1350
Spin Motor RPM >1350