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Air Cooler – AC 60H

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Good Bye to age Old FANS!
This Summer, switch to smarter technology without burning holes in your pocket.

MASSIVE Capacity:
The massive 67L Room Cooler has a high cooling capacity that will help in cooling the room down faster and more effectively. This means that the air cooler can be used in small rooms as well as bigger rooms.

Louver Movement:
You can move the louvers of this cooler with the help of the switch provided. This way, you can regulate the direction of air flow in the room and get the desired cooling.

Power Consumption
The portable air cooler is extremely energy-efficient as it consumes only 200 W. This will help you save significantly on your electricity bill.

Air Throw:
The 67Ltr Room Cooler has an air throw distance of 65-70ft, which means that it can cool a good area with ease. A good air throw ensures fast cooling in a short time.
It also produces less sound, so you can now rest, study or work in comfort

Tank capacity 60Ltrs
Air delivery 5700M3/Hr
Air throw distance 65-70 feet
Blade/Blower Metal Fan-16”
Max.wattage 200 Watts
Cooling medium Honey comb
Unit dim. 675*430*1045 mm
Nett weight 20kg