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Air Cooler – AC 55

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Bring in the WINTER CHILL this SUMMER
Aided with the best technology, compact design and stylish looks, this Summer feel the Winter Chills.

Stronger Cooling:
With larger tank capacity and air delivery its high efficiency honeycomb cooling pads on four sides, offers the most comprehensive and complete cooling possible. Its intelligent feature hands you complete control of the weather in the room.

Energy Saving Technology:
Consumes 180W energy, and also lowers fan speed over a period of time while in usage with its smart sleep technology. Reduce your energy consumption and indirectly your hefty bills.

Stylish Looks:
Designed compact in pearl white color, enjoy the Good looks being the center of attention, giving everyone least importance.

Tank capacity 55Ltrs
Air delivery 4000M3/Hr
Air throw distance 35 feet
Blade/Blower Metal Fan-16”
Max.wattage 180 Watts
Cooling medium Wood wool/Honeycomb pad
Unit dim. 665*410*1163 mm
Nett weight 17.85kg