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Powered by superior connectivity and sound, now enjoy great content in clear, vivid details. A Big one for a SMALL PRICE!

HD Ready
Invade the world of high definition with 1366X768p resolution for a brighter and sharper picture. Deploying 16.7 million colours for better depth and clarity paired with blinding brightness.

Surround Sound
Make the most of the avant-garde sound technology that lets you enter into a new dimension of audio quality. Even the smallest of sounds can be heard with the large sound base of the LED TV. Don’t miss the beats of Music and also the soround sound effect for the Movies.

High Bright High Contrast Screen Cell
Positioning the most trusted screen cells from across the world, the TV blends sky high clarity, contrast and brightness. The Zero Dot LED Panel blends bright and clear picture quality, ensuring better viewing and better performance with never seen before designs and features.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Luxuriate all your favorite music by connecting your TV directly with your mobile or any other device using the Bluetooth technology.

Complete Media Viewing
Enabling smart TV connectivity the LED TV supports MPEG4/H264, VGA Port, USB port and Digital Media Player making you multitask all your needs. Enrolling High Definition Multimedia (HDMI) X 2 Interface, it also allows you stream data from external sources on your TV

In-built Games
Merging superior intelligence into a TV, with Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)the Smart TV allows you to physically connect your smart phones, tablets and various other device to your television. With several pre-loaded games and apps it’s time for some nonstop entertainment.

Technology for Big Saving
Overflowing with eco-smart features, LED TV shuts off automatically in case it is not being viewed. Formed with customizable backlight option, LED TV has one of the least power consumption in the market to promote its Environment-friendly initiative. Now you can have a world class watching experience without burning on your savings.

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